Two Weeks til Superfrog 70.3

2 weeks until Superfrog 70.3! It’s seems like it was just yesterday that I signed up for the race and now here it is staring me in the face. I’m “trigger” happy when it comes to signing up for races (I’m already registered for Oceanside 70.3), but inevitably as the race gets nearer I start to have doubts and question why I ever signed up in the first place. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone with these thoughts and considering I’ve never done a race of this distance before, it’s to be expected.

Since getting really sick a couple weeks ago, it has been a bit of a struggle to bounce back mentally and get my head back in the game. Yesterday I had a break through day and finally the confidence and excitement is coming back!

trainingI only completed 7 ½ hours of total training last week when I had 11 scheduled in my plan, but I feel stronger and more confident. I listened to my body more and took the intensity down a notch. I also did a sweat rate check and tested out my nutrition plan yesterday.

According to the Ironman website, a standard sweat check procedure is as follows:

  • Check your weight before and after training, and calculate weight loss.
  • Convert any weight loss to ounces or ml of fluid.
  • Check/measure the amount of fluid consumed during training.
  • Add the amount of fluid lost to the amount of fluid consumed to get total fluid losses.
  • Divide the total amount of fluid lost by the number of hours of training to get fluid losses per hour

I tested before/after a 45 minute run done on a warm afternoon with temps in the mid 70’s. I consumed no fluid and had a total weight loss of 2 lbs, so my total fluid loss was 32 ounces. To stay totally hydrated I would need to consume 32 ounces of fluid per hour. I definitely haven’t been replacing even close to that in my training.

I know nutrition and hydration are really important, yet I haven’t made it a priority. I also know it could be disastrous to try to “wing it” with my nutrition the way I’ve done with sprint distance tri’s, so I’ve really tried to experiment and get it down this week (better late than never right??) I incorporated salt into my long training sessions the past two weeks and I’ve noticed a big difference in my energy levels. Being a heavy sweater, I lose a lot of electrolytes in sweat and had only been using sports hydration drinks and gels to replace these. I think I must lose more salt than the average person in my sweat. I have also switched from regular Gatorade to Gatorade Endurance. During yesterday’s long ride I consumed two 24 ounce bottles of water mixed with Gatorade Endurance as well as one salt tab 45 minutes in and a Honey Stinger waffle. Then 20 minutes into my run, I took a GU Roctane gel with water. I felt like I could have kept going forever and absolutely no fatigue or muscle cramping after! Now to replicate this during my race factoring in the longer distance!

Moral of the story? Nutrition really DOES matter.

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A trip to the salon is always a good confidence booster too 🙂

Products I Use in Training:

Gatorade Endurance

Base Electrolyte Salt

GU Roctane Gels

Honey Stinger Waffles


66 Audio Wireless Headphones

Gargoyles Performance Eyewear

Less than 2 weeks to go time now! Let’s do this!

Summer Favorites + a Giveaway!

Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July! Summer is my favorite season (although in Santa Barbara it pretty much feels like summer all year round). There is something about the longer days and warmer nights that I absolutely love. Maybe because more daylight = more time for outside fun?!

The start of summer is a great time to pick up new essentials to supplement all those outdoor activities, so thought I’d put together a list of a few of my summer favorites right now. Continue reading

Marathon Training Recap: Week 10 + a new challenge

This past week I racked up 40 miles, which is the most I have run in 5 days ever. April is shaping up to be a record month as the mileage continues to climb this week. I’m still feeling strong and my confidence continues to grow as my long runs keep getting longer.


Mid week easy stroller run


16 mile long run

I ran 5 days straight ending with a 16 mile long run on Friday, my longest to date. Then I took the whole weekend off to recharge and celebrate K’s birthday. Boy did we celebrate. Pizza, ice cream, cake, cookies, donuts… You name it, we ate it.

One of my favorite bloggers Katie Hart Morse posted about doing the very same thing this weekend and feeling no guilt. She wrote about how it’s important to take a break from structure and routine and not feel guilty about it. I couldn’t agree more. It’s exactly what I needed (ok maybe minus a donut or two). I know heading into this last 8 weeks I’m more commited than ever to my training and finishing this marathon strong. Katie announced on IG that she is doing a 30 day fitness and healthy eating challenge. I’m going to join her in this challenge, making mine 55 days  since that’s how many days are left to go before the marathon.

Who else is in?

Here are a few snaps from this weekend. Aside from all the endulging, we did get outside for some fun, active adventures.



I have a little runner on my hands!

Happy training!




Hemp Heart Bars

My favorite kind of snacks are healthy, delicious, and easy to eat on the go.  I always have a protein bar of some kind stashed in my car, gym bag, office and of course at home.

The awesome folks at Manitoba Harvest were kind enough to send me two of their new Hemp Heart bars  flavors to try: chocolate and apple cinnamon. Each 45 gram bar contains 10 grams of plant-based protein and 10 grams of omegas.

In all honesty, I have never jumped on the hemp or plant-based protein bandwagon, so I was surprised I liked them so much. They really knocked it out of the park with the apple cinnamon flavor (and this is coming from someone who almost ALWAYS prefers chocolate over anything). I even gave T & C a taste and they wanted more. Needless to say, I will be ordering a box to add to my stash.


Want to win a box of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bars for yourself? Post a photo on Instagram and tag it with @manitobaharvest #hempheartbar #fuelledbyhemp #sweatpink @fitapproach for a chance to win a box of your favorite flavor of Hemp Heart Bars! Photos do not need to include Manitoba Harvest products. Full contest details are here: This is open to US and Canada residents.

If you’re not feeling lucky, you can use the discount code hhbarlaunch1015 for 15% off! (Expires 4/30/2016)

What are your favorite protein bars? Have you tried Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Bars yet?

Happy snacking!

This post was sponsored by Manitoba Harvest but as always all opinions are my own!