Ironman Oceanside 70.3 Training Week 6

I’ve reached the halfway point of training for Oceanside feeling more confidence build with each passing week. I nailed all of my run and bike (with the exception of one) workouts this week. I felt especially good about my run workouts. I came into triathlon as a runner first. My run paces have always been pretty consistent hovering in the low 8:00 per min/mile to high 7:00’s. Last season my gains started to slow to a stall after the strain of marathon training and I’ve been frustrated by the lack of noticeable improvements in the speed department, so I decided it was time to join up with the SBAA crew for a track workout this week. This group is filled with amazingly talented, speed demons who are an excellent source of inspiration. I’m truly humbled every time I join them for a workout. There are many Boston qualifiers in the group and several elite runners, plus an excellent run coach leads the workouts. We ran 2x (3 x 1k + 400m in-between) and I nailed the fast efforts. My runs off the bike also felt strong and my 11 mile zone 2 easy run felt like a breeze yesterday. I finished strong with a sub 8 last mile! Each week my zone 2 long run pace gets a little faster while my heart rate stays in the zone 2 range which is a good indicator of improvement! I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll collect some run PR’s this season.


Here is a breakdown of my training this past week in all three disciplines. I wasn’t able to complete my full swim workouts due to time constraints, but I did make the most of the time I was in the water.


Swim 1:13

Bike: 4:37

Run: 3:40

Strength: :30

Total: 10:00

Next week I’ll break down my thoughts on the bike portion of my training. Only 6 weeks to race day!!



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