Australian based company SKINS recently launched a new DNAmic line of compression clothing and I was given the opportunity to review any garment from this line.  I decided to go with their new DNAmic Tank Top because it’s stylish and I haven’t tried a compression top yet.


Since my training recently has been focused around building endurance for the marathon I just completed and now IRONMAN 70.3 training, I’ve become a fan of wearing compression clothing and socks both during and after my workouts. As a busy mom who needs to make every workout count, quick recovery between intense workouts is extremely important to me. SKINS’ BioAcceleration Technology™ claims to increase oxygen delivery to active muscles while in motion and reduce lactic-acid build-up for more power and less recovery time. I love that they have scientific research summaries available on their website to backup these claims.


The SKINS DNAmic Tank Top is surprisingly comfortable considering the tight fit. The design is sleek and very flattering. I felt very well supported during my runs. It fits almost like a second skin with absolutely no chafing. The breast support is fantastic, with strong, thick straps that criss cross over the back. This was a great feature since the majority of my running tops require me to wear a sports bra underneath. The only downside to this top is being compression and tight, it’s a bit of a struggle to get on and off.



SKINS touts a unique sizing system based on Body Mass Index (BMI)/anthropometrical algorithm which wraps and supports key muscle groups to reduce movement and focus direction for less vibration in your muscles, less soft tissue damage and less soreness after exercise. This held true for me.

The SKINS DNAmic Tank Top is available from the SKINS website. Check out their full line of DNAmic compression clothing and head over to my Instagram to enter to win a garment from the SKINS DNAmic line. Use code SWEATPINK-SKINS20 for a discount good though July 31st!

One prize per person. Open to U.S. residents only. If you win this giveaway, and have already won another prize from SKINS through another blog, please disclose that you have already won so we can choose another winner.

This post was sponsored by SKINS and Sweat Pink, but as always all opinions are my own. 

3 thoughts on “SKINS

  1. Love it ! great review . Hoping to try some SKINS compression socks in my tri training as I’ve heard great things about them. Keep up the great info and happy training 🙂


  2. Your photos are inspiring! Can you let me know how you achieved them?
    p.s. Skins are awesome – i love my Skins A400s – they get me out of the door when my body says no more training.


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