Marathon Training Recap: Week 11

I just completed week 11 of my training and reached another milestone this week: an 18 mile long run. Going into this week knowing I had an 18 miler to complete was honestly more than a little nerve wrecking. As well as my training has been going this far, I still find myself questioning my ability to cover these distances I have never run before. I was in my head a lot during last week’s 16 mile long run and almost cut that one short because I nearly caused myself to have a panic attack. I decided to take a few minutes to pause, meditate and start my long run with strong, positive thoughts yesterday. It made all the difference. I felt fantastic the entire time and had my best run of this training cycle yet.

I’m also starting to figure out the best fueling strategy for my long runs. I’ve experimented with various things including gels, shot blocks, sports drinks, gummy candy and real food. What seems to work best for me is a combination of these. My favorites are: Nuun Energy, GU Roctane gels, and Honeystinger Organic Energy Chews Orange Blossom Flavor.

Here how the week went:

Monday – K’s Birthday! 1,039 yd recovery swim. It felt amazing to get back in the pool. I haven’t gone for a swim since my triathlon two weeks ago and really missed it which is something new for me. I used to have to really motivate to get down to the pool for swim workouts. Not anymore! Later we celebrated the grant finale of K’s birthday week. K and I have a tradition of celebrating our birthdays for the entire week prior.


Tuesday8.3 miles. Back at the track for my weekly speed session with the SBRR group. This week’s workout was 3×1 mile + 4×400 plus warmup and cool down. Coach set the pace for the mile repeats as “goal marathon pace” with each 10 seconds faster than the previous. I’m still unsure of my exact goal marathon time since I’ve never done one before, so I’m sure I went much faster than what my “mp” realistically is, but wanted to stay with my usual group of speedsters.

Wednesday 4.6 mile stroller run. I really get happy when Wednesday rolls around because it’s my weekly easy stroller run and play time at the park after with T & C.


Thursday8 mile HRT run. The day started out with a wake up call at 5am from my MIL that my father-in-law rushed to the emergency room with pains in his stomach after throwing up most of the night. He had colon cancer years ago and as a result now has “fake” intestines that get clogged every now and then. This episode was worse than usual, but thankfully they took care of the problem swiftly in the ER and he was back home happy and healthy the following morning. I missed my usual morning HRT run, but was able to get out later to get my run done. It was raining lightly and felt so cathartic after a stressful day.


Friday6 mile easy-paced run w/ strides.  It was still raining so I was tempted to do this one on the treadmill, but a little rain never hurt anyone and it was really refreshing. I’m glad I decided to stick outside for this one. I really HATE the treadmill. 🙂

Saturday – 18 mile long run. I was honestly pretty nervous about this run, but it turned out to be my best long run yet. I nailed my nutrition and finished with plenty left in the tank.


Sunday – REST DAY

All in all I’m where I need to be. Only 7 more weeks to go. I’m in full on beast mode now.


Loving my new muscle tank from Love the Pain and stoked to now be a brand ambassador. Check them out and use code 4WVRIKL for 15% off.

Happy training!



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