Marathon Training Recap: Week 10 + a new challenge

This past week I racked up 40 miles, which is the most I have run in 5 days ever. April is shaping up to be a record month as the mileage continues to climb this week. I’m still feeling strong and my confidence continues to grow as my long runs keep getting longer.


Mid week easy stroller run


16 mile long run

I ran 5 days straight ending with a 16 mile long run on Friday, my longest to date. Then I took the whole weekend off to recharge and celebrate K’s birthday. Boy did we celebrate. Pizza, ice cream, cake, cookies, donuts… You name it, we ate it.

One of my favorite bloggers Katie Hart Morse posted about doing the very same thing this weekend and feeling no guilt. She wrote about how it’s important to take a break from structure and routine and not feel guilty about it. I couldn’t agree more. It’s exactly what I needed (ok maybe minus a donut or two). I know heading into this last 8 weeks I’m more commited than ever to my training and finishing this marathon strong. Katie announced on IG that she is doing a 30 day fitness and healthy eating challenge. I’m going to join her in this challenge, making mine 55 days  since that’s how many days are left to go before the marathon.

Who else is in?

Here are a few snaps from this weekend. Aside from all the endulging, we did get outside for some fun, active adventures.



I have a little runner on my hands!

Happy training!




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