Marathon/Tri Training Recap: Week 7

It’s race week! This week is going to be interesting as I balance tapering for my triathlon on Sunday while keeping marathon training on track. The race is a sprint distance and even though it’s been over two years since my last triathlon, I feel pretty confident and excited about what this body can do! SuperSEAL is not technically one of my “A” races for the year, but I know I’m still going to race my heart out and gun for a new PR.

This past week was pretty tough as I increased my running mileage again while maintaining my planned swim and bike workouts. It’s been a good preview of what’s to come when half Ironman training starts this summer.

Lesson of the week: Fueling and nutrition really ARE important and not just during workouts.

Here is how this week played out:

Monday35 minute ride on the trainer. T & C had a doctor’s appointment which required me to leave work early, so switched my usual lunchtime swim for a trainer ride during their nap time. I was only able to get 35 minutes in before C woke up and was clearly not going back to sleep. My first priority is them, so I always bend my training schedule to adapt to whatever changes are happening in their schedule. Most all of my training is done while they are sleeping (early in the morning before they wake up, nap time or after they go to bed at night) or with them in the jogging stroller (the best)!

Tuesday6 miles at the track and 902 yard swim. This week’s workout was 1 mile @ 5k pace (7:25) followed by 6×800 slightly faster. Usually by the last 800 I’m hurting and struggle to finish it. Not this week. My last 800 was faster than the previous 800. Yay for progress and squeezing in a short swim on my lunch break!


Wednesday – 1,804 yard swim. Solid last big swim workout prior to the triathlon. 6x50m fast (1:02, 1:01, 1:01, 1:01, 1:01, 1:01) 100m, 150, 200m x2. Again progress, as I stayed consistent with my pace through each interval. Followed this up with a 20 minute easy stroller run date to the swings with the boys in the afternoon.

Thursday6.6 mile run. This was my first HRT (Hope Ranch Thursday) group run. Apparently there has been a weekly group run right in my neighborhood for years and I just found out about it. Hope Ranch has lots of hills which used to intimidate me, but now I just have fun with them.


Friday – REST DAY. It rained so it was a good day to take off.

Saturday – 1 hour ride/20 minute run brick. I haven’t done many brick workouts this training cycle. My legs felt a little like jello the first few minutes of the run. It’s always a weird sensation going from the bike to the run.



Sunday – 15 mile long run. This was my longest run to date. During all my half marathon training cycles the longest training run was 12 miles and then the half marathon itself is 13.1. One area I’ve never paid proper respect to in my training is nutrition. I try to eat healthy in general, but know I could be doing much better in this department. For long runs, I take a couple gels with me and use a mix of Nuun and water for hydration. The water fountain I usually refill my bottle at twice along this long route was not working, but fortunately K’s office is nearby, so I made a quick stop there to refill. I took my first gel 40 minutes in and a second at mile 10. I felt great the majority of the run, but started to feel I was losing steam the last mile. A few minutes after finishing  I felt very lightheaded. Long story short I realized right then I can no longer wing it with a few gels. I think it was my lack of a proper prerun meal coupled with not cooling down properly that caused my dizziness. I had a piece of toast with peanut butter for breakfast at 8:00am, a few bites of a croissant and 2 Honey stinger chews 15 minutes before the run. I start my long runs right after the boys go down for nap around noon. I usually wait until after the run for lunch. Mistake. I should have had something more substantial at least 1 hour prior to the run. I expected that toast with peanut butter and a few bites of a croissant to fuel me for 4 hours prior to the run and the 2 1/2 hours during?? I mistakenly thought the big pasta dinner the night before would be enough to get me through and I don’t like to eat too much prior to a run/race. I always have toast with peanut butter the morning of a race, but most races are early in the morning. Since my long runs are now mostly mid-day, I need to rethink my fueling plan. All part of the trail and error of training right?


I have more thoughts on nutrition and my prior issues with it, but will save that for another day/post.

All in all, it was a great week and I feel good about where I’m at in my training. I have a tri to look forward to and family fun time in San Diego this weekend. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Total time: 7hrs 33mins

Happy training!




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