Marathon Training Recap: Week 6

Not all weeks are perfect. In fact, I’m finding that most weeks are not even close to perfect. The boys’ illness (this time with the stomach bug) continued into this week. I expected them to get sick a little more frequently after starting preschool, but was in no way prepared for what we have seen since January. All of this is just building up their immunity and making them stronger right?

Still, I somehow managed to stay on track with my training. I’m very lucky to have a super supportive husband and mother-in-law who lives right next door! This last week was pretty solid despite my reduction in running mileage and a fopaux during one of a my bike workouts on the road.

Here is a summary of this past week from Strava:


Monday1,832 yd recovery swim. I always look forward to this swim workout after my long weekend runs. I threw in a few fast 50’s which were 5 seconds slower than my fastest last week. I wasn’t feeling 100% and was pretty sure I was coming down with something.


Tuesday – 5 mile track workout with the SBAA Group. 4x400m, 1 mile, 4x400m. It was another killer morning with this speedy group. This is seriously becoming the workout that will raise my running game. I am in awe of how fast the runners in this group are. Most are also training for a marathon and I’m pretty sure a lot of BQ’s will come from this group.



Wednesday1,203 yd swim and 30 minute run.  Again I wasn’t feeling 100% and for sure had a touch of something, but blocked it out of my mind and pressed forward with my scheduled swim and run (cut both a little short though).

Thursday – Felt queasy in the morning and know I’m not pregnant so took a rest day.


Yes, I’m on a dirt road and not on a mountain bike. I just couldn’t resist:)

Friday – 30 minute ride and 45 minute run. Both boys  finally recovered and made it through the day at Montessori with no calls! That felt like a major win! I took the bike out for a ride on the road and got my first flat tire ever. I didn’t have a spare tube on me so even though I recently took a workshop on how to change a flat, I wasn’t prepared and had to cut my ride short (lesson learned). Walked the bike back to K’s office and set out for a 45 minute run.


Saturday 13.5 mile run. My plan called for a 9 miler, but since I had cut my run short on Wednesday and have a triathlon coming up in 2 weeks (which means I will miss a long run that weekend) I decided to go for 13.5. It was my longest run to date, the best I’ve felt all week and I could have gone much further. I was having some serious self doubts about my ability to handle marathon training, but this run put those thoughts to rest.

Sunday14 mile ride. After the flat tire fiasco on Friday I had to get back on the road again. The first three miles felt shaky and it was mentally challenging for me to push my pace to the point I knew it could go, but I finally settled in and let go, hitting 20-21 mph the last few miles. This ride really proved to me how necessary it is to get off the trainer and out on the road (especially with a race coming up in 2 weeks)!

Total time: 6hrs 47mins

As much as I’m excited for SuperSEAL in 2 weeks and Ironman 70.3 Tempe later this year (with a few summer tri’s sprinkled in), I think it will be beneficial to focus on just running and M2B Marathon training for the next few months.

Happy Training!



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