Marathon Training Recap: Week 5

Just when I thought all was well and we were out of the sick woods I got a call from the boys school on Thursday. Both had a temp over 100. I seriously might have waited to start them in Montessori until the fall had I known we’d be dealing with this. I’m doing my best to stay positive. It helps that this bug seems relatively mild compared to what we’d been dealing with the last couple weeks and the boys have been in pretty good moods. I still managed to get all of my planned workouts in except for one trainer session.

It’s been challenging to find balance in my other sports (swimming and cycling) since my training is very run focused right now. Regardless, I’m very excited for my first triathlon of the season in 3 weeks, Superseal Traithlon, and feel good about a possible new PR in the sprint distance. After the tri, I plan to focus solely on running (with one cross-training day) until the marathon is over, then this summer and fall shift the focus back to triathlon training.

Back to my training this past week.

Monday – 1,750 yard swim. Easy recovery swim


Tuesday – 6 mile run. Speed work with the SBAA group at the track: 1 mile @ 90% (new fastest at 7:22) and 10×600. I love doing my speed workout with a group now. It really helps me to push so much harder and faster than when I do it solo.

Wednesday – 1,312 yard swim and 3 mile run. This was my fastest swim of this training cycle at 2:08/yard. My confidence in the water continues to grow. Hoping it translates to the open water as I don’t think I’ll be getting any open water swims in before Superseal.

Followed this up with an easy afternoon stroller run with the boys after work.


My favorite route with the stroller.

Thursday – Rest Day taking care of my sick littles.

Friday – 1 hour ride on the trainer and 30 minute run.  I was planning to do this as a brick (run right off the bike), but since the boys were looking better, fevers were down and they had been cooped up inside all day Thursday, I felt a stroller run to get them out in the fresh air was a better idea. I got on the trainer for an hour ride during their naps.



Saturday – 6 mile course-specific run: downhill intervals @10k pace, easy on the uphills. The M2B Marathon course is mostly downhill. Incorporating downhill speed intervals in my training will help condition my quads for the stress of running downhill for 18+ miles.


Love my new Stance compression socks!

Sunday – 12 mile long run.  First 9 miles easy pace, miles 10-11 30 seconds faster, 1 mile cool down.


Total Hours: 6h 51m

This next week is the second stepback week in this training cycle, so running mileage will drop slightly.  Not complaining…

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Happy Training!



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