Marathon Training Recap (Weeks 1-4)


We Don’t Grow When Things Are Easy. We Grow When We Face Challenges. –Monitor the Beat

I fully intended to start my weekly training recaps up again when training for the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon officially began back on January 25th, but here I am writing my first recap with 4 full weeks under my belt. Where does the time go? Seriously.

Life has been pretty hectic lately (okay, I know, when isn’t it?) but it really does seem like every curve ball has been thrown my way from the moment marathon training began. First C came down with a nasty cold, then T caught it and it evolved into a lingering cough and then ultimately a nasty ear infection. We went through three different rounds of antibiotics. The first didn’t work, second landed us a 6 hour trip to the ER after he had a bad allergic reaction, third time was the charm.

All of this happened just as the boys were starting Pre-primary school, my dad came for a visit and work was busier than ever. I somehow managed to stay healthy (with the exception of some minor sniffles) and got in (with some juggling) most of my scheduled workouts either in the early morning, during my lunch breaks and/or the boys nap times.

SO now that the storm has been weathered and everyone is healthy, I plan to post these recaps weekly.

With that said, here is how the first four weeks played out.

Week 1:

I considered hiring a coach for the first time, but decided since my only real goal is to finish the marathon (I’m not chasing a BQ just yet, although a sub 4 would be nice…just saying) to hold off for now. I purchased Hal Higdon’s Marathon Intermediate 1 training app and have been following that for all my runs. I also try to add in a two swims and 1-2 bike workouts weekly as I’m simultaneously training for a triathlon (because you know training for a MARATHON isn’t enough).

MondaySwam 1,422 yards. Swimming is my weakest of the three sports (swim/bike/run) so I try to make every swim count.


Track Tuesday4 mile run. 2 miles @ threshold, 1 mile @ 90%. This was my first time back on the track since training for my last half marathon back in November. I joined an awesome (and very speedy) local group (SBRR) for their weekly track workouts. Working out in a group is awesome because it keeps me honest and they help  motivate me to push my limits, something I don’t always do when I’m solo.

WednesdayEasy 3 mile treadmill run, followed by 15 minutes of strength. I hate treadmill running, but sometimes it’s the only option available. I have never been very consistent with incorporating strength training in my routine. I’m going to try to stick with it for marathon training.

Thursday – 45 minute trainer ride and 25 minute swim. When you are training for a triathlon and a marathon at the same time, it’s all about the Two-A-Days.


Friday50 minute trainer ride and 30 minute run. My first brick workout in a loooooong time. Felt great!

DCIM102GOPROG0661362.Saturday7 mile long run and some steep steps for strength. This was my favorite workout of the week. Long runs are the best because it gives me a nice chunk of time to get out of my head. Ran on my new favorite route, the More Mesa trails overlooking the ocean. I had no idea this amazing spot was right in my backyard until recently.


More Mesa

Weeks 2-4:

I’m not trying to win any world records for longest blog post, so in an effort to wrap this up I’m just going to show you a snapshot of weeks 2-4 training from Strava.



How do you balance work/life/motherhood with your training? What plans are you using? I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Training!





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