The Halfway Point

This week marked the official halfway point of my current 10-week half marathon training cycle.  I feel good about the progress I’m making, but I’m beginning to think the focus I’m putting on the numbers and outcome of all this training is taking some of the joy out of running for me.


I think it’s safe to say most runners who have been training for some time pay attention to data and compare themselves to other runners. However, I have a very strong tendency to over-analyze everything.

When I joined Strava a few months ago, it came as no surprise to K (and anyone who knows me well) that I immediately started obsessing over the great data this app provides. After every run I track segments from my route to see how I stack up against other runners who have run the same segments. I get a break down by age, weight and gender and as if that’s not enough, side-by-side comparisons.

While all this amazing technology readily available from apps and sports watches is important and useful for improvement, I can easily get caught up in it and forget to enjoy the journey.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The universe sent me a gentle reminder this week via a delivery from Momentum Jewelry. I have been a fan of this company for a while and absolutely love their motivate wraps with inspirational messages. Wearing my new wrap during my training runs this week helped me to be really present, which in turn, made me more aware of how my body was feeling and I responded. Not surprisingly my runs were much more enjoyable and felt effortless.


Although I don’t plan on leaving Strava or ditching my Garmin anytime soon, the real and pure joy I experience from running comes from being fully present, living in the moment and the new friendships forged with people in the running community.

My IG friend @lindseyloveslettuce has an excellent mantra I hope to emulate throughout the second half of this training cycle and beyond “today I will run simply for the joy of running.”

**I am a Momentum Jewelry ambassador and receive complimentary products, but as always, all opinions are my own. 

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