T-minus 12 Days: Training Roundup


Less than two weeks to go until the Santa Barbara Triathlon TriTheLab Relay! Last week I was busy planning for the twins’ 1st birthday bash (tomorrow is their actual birthday–can’t believe it!). I wasn’t able to get in the mileage total I was hoping for, but nevertheless I’m feeling confident and ready to run this race!

Here’s how 21.1 miles shook out:

Monday: Easy 3.3 mile stroller run at 9:12 pace.


Track Tuesday: 6x 800s with 1 mile warmup and short cool down for a total of 4 miles. I  recommend at least a half mile cool down, but I got out of work late so had to cut it a little short.


Nite Moves Wednesday: 5K race with the Double BOB Stroller. Finished in 26:45 (8:37 pace) for my fastest time with the stroller yet. Getting faster and stronger every week. Only 3 weeks and 3 races left for this Nite Moves season.

Thursday: 3.6 miles followed by fiesta fun!


Long Run Friday: 7 miles (2 mile warm-up followed by 3 miles at 10k pace, 2 mile cool down). I was hoping to make this a 10 mile run, but lost motivation and ended it early.

Saturday and Sunday was all about celebrating T & C turning ONE (what a year it’s been)!


My focus as I taper this week is staying positive. My main goal for race day is to run confidently.
And PR of course!
Happy racing!

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