Pace Goals

When I first started running, I never thought about pace (sometimes I wish I could go back to that mindset). In the beginning it was all about running that first mile without stopping to walk, then the second, then third and so on. It wasn’t until I began training for my second half marathon that I gave any thought to what my pace was. Pace is the best way to track progress and it’s a good thing to try to improve in anything you do.

In three weeks I’ll be racing in the run segment of the Santa Barbara Triathlon Long Course, a 10-miler. I’ve been struggling to determine a goal pace for this race. My current 10 mile PR is 1:25:21 (8:32 pace) which I set in 2012. I’m hoping to beat that time and set a new PR. I lost a lot of my speed and fitness last year when I was pregnant and have been working hard to get it back. I finished the Semana Nautica 15K (9.3 miles) earlier this month at a 8:45 pace, so I’m well within striking distance.

Last night I attempted mile sprint repeats at my goal 10k pace (8:10 average pace). According to the  McMillan race calculator if I want to beat my 8:32 pace from my 2012 10 miler, this is the 10k pace I should be training at. I fell a little short. I finished the first repeat in 8:08, but the last two were slower at around 8:20 each and boy did they feel hard. I have been pushing pretty hard in all my runs this week, so hoping that’s what contributed to my early burnout yesterday.

Anything can happen on race day and I still have my sights set on a shiny new PR. If I don’t get it, I have three half marathons lined up this fall, so I’ll have plenty more opportunities to smash PR’s. In the meantime I’ll be using 3 P’s to reach my pace goals: practice, patience and persistence.

Happy Training!!

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