Workout Roundup (June 15-21, 2015)

Lesson of the week: expect the unexpected

Life threw a few curve balls my way this week creating havoc in my carefully constructed schedule. I could have easily used this as an excuse to skip a few workouts. Instead, I altered the plan a bit and was able to accomplish all my training goals for the week.

Monday – 4.1 easy, breezy stroller run with the boys

Tuesday – Speed work at the track. 1/2 mile warmup. 4×400 with 1 minute recovery jog between intervals. 4×200 with 30 seconds – recovery jog between intervals. 5 minute cool down. I hadn’t been on the track for this kind of workout in over 2 years. The first interval was so painful I wanted to stop right then, but pushed through it and felt amazing after.

WednesdayNite Moves 5k– back to pushing the boys in the BOB stroller. Not my fastest time this season, but not too shabby either. Official time: 28:11 4/13 AG

Thursday – I had planned this as a cross-training swim day. My nanny was sick so I was home with the boys and decided to do an “easy” run pushing the stroller instead. It wasn’t exactly easy. On top of the stroller tires being very low (it would help if I checked them once in awhile) making it harder to push, there was some serious headwinds on the loop back.

Friday – My usual Friday run turned into an 11 mile ride on the trainer while the boys napped.

Saturday– 7 mile progression run.  Longest run since SB Wine Country Half.  Felt good.  Afterwards we took the boys to their first Summer Solstice parade.  They LOVED it!

Sunday – Rest day and quality time celebrating K’s first Father’s Day!

Total mileage: 21.4 running and 11 on the bike

All things considered, it was a great week!

I’m heading to San Francisco for work in a few days.  K and the boys are coming along and we’re going to make a family trip out of it.  This is our longest trip yet with AAA and Blue Steel .. should be interesting! Aiming to get most of my runs in early this week, since I’m not sure if I’ll get to squeeze any in on the road. I’m sure SF has some beautiful routes for runners though… Hmmm

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