Goodbye Baby Weight!

Today is a monumental day. The boys turn 10 months and I officially fit into my favorite pre-pregnancy Lucky Brand jeans!

My weight has fluctuated throughout my life. After I took up running competitively five years ago, I managed to get my sweet tooth under control and dropped down to a size 4 (I hadn’t been this size since before high school if ever). My weight would slowly creep up again around the holidays (aka off-season) since I tend to loosen the reins when I’m not in training mode. So when I found out I was pregnant with twins two Christmases ago (already having gained back some of the weight I originally lost), I had a real excuse to indulge…and indulge I did! I think the owner of McConnell’s Ice Cream is driving around town in a new Rolls with the license plate “EKONOMIPAID.”

It shouldn’t have come as a shock that my overindulgence in ice cream coupled with the drastic reduction in my activity levels would bring on the baby weight with a vengeance. I gained 60 pounds and say what you want, “Of course you gained a lot of weight with twins, that’s normal”, the reality is you’re only supposed to gain 35 to 45 pounds your whole pregnancy (about 10 pounds more than someone pregnant with a singleton), but thanks! We can pretend!

Don’t get me wrong. I think I speak for all mothers when I say those ‘few extra pounds’ were more than worth it. I would do it a million times over if it meant I got to have these two, but unfortunately I’m not one of those lucky souls who drops weight without lifting a finger. The way I lost my baby weight really isn’t rocket science…it took dedication, hard work, disciple and getting back to running!  I still have another 10 pounds to lose to reach my ideal racing weight and plan to accomplish this goal by the boys’ 1st birthday.  That gives me 2 months.

To help keep me on track, I have started a training journal and will be posting weekly training roundups. My hope is that I can also inspire mamma’s and anyone reading this that you too can reach your goals if you put in the work!

believe (2)

“If you can dream it, with intention, you can do it.” ~ Deepak Chopra

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