Hi, My Name is Christina and I’m a Runaholic

Hi, I’m Christina! In no particular order, I’m a wife, a runner, a triathlete, a marketing manager, a yoga instructor, a peanut butter connoisseur (I like to stay busy) but my most important new title is mommy to amazing twin boys!

IMG_7057 (4)

I thought National Running Day would be a good day to finally get my blog up and running (no pun intended). Although this post technically didn’t go up until the day after, it still counts that I set this up yesterday right? 🙂

I loved running in my childhood. Some of my fondest memories are of the races my brother and I had in the field behind our house growing up with our dog Keisha (boy can Border Collies run fast!). I was always competing against the boys to run the fastest mile in gym class and then picked it up a notch with track in junior high. By the time I was in high school, I was more concerned with trying to keep up with the cool kids, than my fitness and health. I also put on a lot of weight.

It wasn’t until five years ago that I rediscovered my love of running. Without revealing my age (mom’s never do right?) let’s just say there was a loooooong gab in between.

It started out as just a way to get in shape without having to renew the $150 monthly gym membership that I wasn’t using (I was living in LA at the time and it ain’t cheap), but quickly turned into an addiction. Within three months I ran my first half marathon and immediately after signed up for another.

My 2nd Half Marathon Feb 2011

My 2nd Half Marathon Feb 2011

Fresh off my runner’s high and looking for an even bigger challenge (because a half just wasn’t enough) I signed up for a triathlon.  There’s actually more to the story, but I’ll save that for a future post…don’t want to lay all my cards on the table now.

Finishing my first Olympic distance tri in 2012

Finishing my first Olympic distance tri in 2012

Cut to 2014, I got pregnant!  We had been tri-ing (pun intended) for a while and when it finally happened, God, knowing I’m always up for a good challenge, blessed my husband and I with two babies at once. I stopped running immediately after I found out because (a) I had a good excuse to take a much needed break from all the training and (b) I’m an over-analyzer with a worried mind, so since it took me forever to get pregnant, I basically decided I was going to lie in bed for the next eight months to make sure those babies stuck around! The twins aka Blue Steel and AAA joined us in August 2014 and by September I was online searching for races to sign up for.

I decided to start this blog to document my quest to find balance as a mother, wife, runner, triathlete, et al  while hopefully being a good example to my boys and motivating others to get moving!

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